Role of Parents and Teachers in Child’s Development

A child has a distributed time for school and home thus he is distributed amongst parents and teachers. We can say that parents and teachers play a very important role in shaping child’s future. Education is basically a process that leads to mental and psychological growth of a child. Apart from leaning the academics a child learns various other things like team work, table manners, sharing, unity, teamwork. A school is a form of institute for a child; some say parents are the first teacher for the child however I feel teachers are the second parents for children. Since kindergarten a child is handed over to the teachers and teachers nourish him and bestow him with the love support and good habits. MEDIATION FOR CHILDREN

Parents on the other hand are responsible for the overall development of the child; they play a very important role in the socializing process of the child. Right from the bed time stories to the behavioral habits parents play a very important role in making a child a responsible citizen. A successful teacher always has a keen ear on parents. Such teacher normally asks the parents about the behavior of the child, his habits and activities and behaves accordingly to him; she is responsible for his growth and development and thus tries to bring out the best in him. She is always alert with the cultures and family values of the child and thus tries not commenting or passing any judgment on the parenting styles. She thinks widely and makes sure that at any moment she may not hurt the mind of the child. Communication is best medium to solve problems. A successful teacher is always ardent at talking to the students and solving their problems, she is always approachable by almost every child of the class. Instead of blaming the child for not completing particular thing or being incapable of working on particular project or achieving bad grades she tries to find out the reason behind child’s failure or incompetency.

A successful parent on the other hand always takes the note of the suggestions the teacher has given. Such parents try to interpret on their own the suggestion given by the teachers and inculcate it in the upbringing of the children which in turn result in their growth. Over pamper or temper both results in the under development of the child. Over pamper makes the child over confident that results in the underdevelopment of the child while over temper makes the child under confident which may result in the mental turmoil of the child which also results in the underdevelopment of the child.

Stacia Tauscher remarkably said “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” A child is hope for tomorrow however one should never forget that his today shapes his tomorrow. The amount of pressure and mental trauma the child faces results in his underdevelopment and spoils his tomorrow. A joint venture of parents and teachers helps shaping the child’s future, his development and enhances his intellect. A child nurtured under such successful parents and teachers bestows the best in him.


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